Click here for our Lead Paint Management Capability Statement.

CTI personnel are qualified and experienced in carrying out a wide range of lead paint management and related services, including:-

Surveys for Lead

On-site surveys for the detection and quantification of lead in paint as well as surveys for lead in elements of the environment including soil, dust, water and air.

Lead Paint Management Specifications

Preparation of specifications or work programs for the effective treatment of lead paint, in industrial settings as well as for domestic and commercial buildings. CTI can also recommend appropriate contractors or suppliers, and we can supervise and inspect all aspects of the work.

Environmental Monitoring

Ground surveys for lead in soil & sediment, surveys for lead in water and ambient air monitoring programs. Assessment of lead contaminated wastes.

Occupational Risk Assessments

Exposure monitoring for lead and other health risks; risk assessments and design and implementation of control programs; lead awareness training and safety inductions; PPE and respiratory protection programs.


Provision of PCCP-endorsed training courses for “Responsible Person” and WHS Inductions for workers involved in lead paint projects.