Responsible Person for Hazardous Paint Management
(2-Day Course)

CTI Consultants Pty Ltd have developed this program to cater for the growing need within the maintenance painting industry for a high level of information and training in the management of lead paint.

This training program is designed to provide a sound knowledge base and explicit guidance mainly for those dealing with lead paint in industrial settings, at all levels of organisation. It also provides guidance and skills for those dealing with the management of lead paint in residential and commercial buildings.

The entire program consists of six separate units, and runs over two full days. Each unit consists of a blend of formal lectures and hands-on work-shops. All relevant skills required for designing or supervising a lead paint management project are taught and demonstrated during the course of the program.

Participants are assessed by two 30-minute exams, one after the first four units, with another after Units 5 & 6. A certificate will be issued to all successful participants.

Participants will acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and training to qualify as a “Responsible Person for Industrial Lead Paint Management”, as defined in Australian Standard AS 4361.1 Guidelines to Lead Paint management, Part 1 -Industrial applications, and to meet the corresponding training requirements for the Class 5 and Class 6 accreditation under the PCCP scheme.

Refresher Course for Responsible Person for Lead Paint Management (1-Day Course)

CTI have developed this Responsible Person for Lead Paint Management Refresher Course to meet the PCCP Class 5 and Class 6 accreditation requirement for 2-yearly updates for Responsible Person training.

We will provide this training to anyone who has completed our full course at any time since its inception in 1998.  We can also refresh people originally accredited by other PCCP-recognised training providers if proof of such accreditation is provided with the course registration application form.

Safety Induction for Lead Paint Management
(1.5-Hour Induction for Workers)

This is an Occupational Hygiene presentation specifically designed for workers engaged in Lead Paint Removal projects.

It is designed to provide a basic understanding of the hazards lead presents for the human body, and how careful attention to training and hygiene can provide safe working conditions on such projects.

The content of this course meets the broad requirements of  the SafeWork Australia Inorganic Lead Standard [NOHSC 1012:1994], and of Australian Standard 4361.1, Guidelines for lead paint management, Part 1, Industrial applications.