Transfer of Hazardous Paint Consultancy Services to Hibbs & Associates

CTI is pleased to announce that we have formalised an arrangement with Hibbs & Associates for the transfer of our consultancy services to the hazardous paint management industry.

Under this arrangement, which comes into effect on June 1, 2023, H&A will take over all of CTI’s activities in the following areas:-

  • Hazardous Paint Assessments
    – Sampling and/or analysis for identification of hazardous constituents
  • Preparation of Hazardous Paint Management Plans
  • Provision of WHS services to HPM projects
    – WHS Safety Inductions
    – WHS Exposure Monitoring
  • Provision of Environmental Monitoring for HPM projects
    – Pre-commencement and Post-completion project environmental surveys
    – TSP Air Monitoring of HPM projects
  • Assistance to HPM Contractors to develop HPM protocols for obtaining PCCP Class 5 & 6 approval.
  • Training as Environmental Field Sampler for site personnel on HPM projects.

CTI and H&A have a long history in co-operating in their specialised fields of WHS and environmental consultancy to the construction industry.  We are confident that H&A will not only continue to provide these services to our clients but also extend their range of available services into the broader, related areas where H&A have long been active, such as asbestos management, crystalline silica monitoring and other hazardous substances encountered in maintenance or demolition of aging infrastructure.

As of the above date, CTI will refer all enquiries for work to H&A.  CTI will work with H&A to introduce our existing clients to them and to smooth the transition to the new services provider.

With offices and warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, H&A are well positioned to cater to the industry Australia wide.