Everek SRE

In the early 1990’s, CTI developed a range of specialist pavement repair products on behalf of Everek Holdings who were engaged in pavement repairs at Sydney Airport and on concrete roads. These products, known as the Everek range, were found to be successful and offered significant advantages over other products then available. When the benefits of these products became fully understood, and after an extended period of assessment, it was decided to offer these products to the industry at large.

We are now delighted to inform that we have come to an arrangement with EpiMax, who will from now on look after all manufacture, sale and distribution of our Everek range of products.

EpiMax are already well established in the concrete and pavement repair industry and have warehousing facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne as well as their main facility in Wetherill Park in Sydney. It is EpiMax’s intention to hold stock of Everek SRE products in their warehouses.

EpiMax can be contacted by:

Phone: 1300 721 522

Website: www.epimax.com.au